Food Allergy Education for Parents of Young Children

Dr. Rani Maskatia was honored to be invited by Blossom Birth and Family to discuss food allergies with parents of young children. Her talk in May 2020 focused on the introduction of allergenic foods, signs that a baby has a food allergy, the best ways to diagnose food allergies, and the latest research and options for treatment of food allergies.


Pediatric Nutrition Roundtable: a conversation about food, anxiety, and allergies during COVID-19

Pediatricians Dr. Janesta Noland and Dr. Kellen Glinder of Private Medical, and board certified allergist and food allergy specialist Dr. Rani Maskatia of Latitude Food Allergy Care, participated in an interactive webinar about nutrition, food allergies and sensitivities, and their impact on patient well-being — particularly during this time of COVID-19.

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