Food allergy solutions are available and dramatically improve the quality of life for your patients

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Food allergies are a growing epidemic impacting more than 8% of children and 11% of adults in the US. Until now, avoidance has been the only option but, thanks to groundbreaking research, there are now more options for your patients. At Latitude, we partner with you to provide your patients the best possible treatment and care options. We believe safety, quick access to care and an exceptional experience are essential and at the core of our clinic.

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Meet Our Team

Our board-certified allergist and clinical team have deep experience in providing safe, effective food allergy solutions. In addition, all of our patient care coordinators are food allergy parents. Together we have created a unique experience that instills confidence in our patients.

Exceeding Patient Expectations

In addition to safe and effective food allergy care, patients can expect 24/7 access to our clinical team, patient care coordinators who provide support and guidance, and easy-to-schedule appointments in a timely manner. We also accept all major insurance.

Our patient services include:

  • Diagnosis and oral food challenges
  • Early introduction to prevent food allergies in infants
  • Oral immunotherapy
  • Long-term care

Who to Refer

Our aim is to partner with you to diagnose and care for your patients’ food allergies.

We welcome:

  • Patients with diagnosed food allergies — all levels of severity with or without concomitant asthma
  • Patients where a food allergy is suspected, either by a physician or the individual, for accurate diagnosis
  • Patients you suspect have a misdiagnosed food allergy who are avoiding potentially safe foods, resulting in a negative impact on their quality of life
  • Infants with a higher risk of developing a food allergy to offer early food introduction in the interest of prevention

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