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We focus on everything food allergy — from diagnosis to treatment to long-term care. We’re here to provide our patients with real solutions to improve their quality of life.

Food Allergy Assessment

Food allergies are often unclear or misdiagnosed. The first step in understanding your food allergy is having an accurate diagnosis. Our board-certified allergist will use a combination of medical history, blood tests, skin tests, and oral food challenges (to rule out an allergy) to diagnose and create a personalized treatment plan. 

Food Allergy Prevention

Leading research shows that early and regular exposure to foods like peanut, egg, dairy and wheat may reduce the risk of a child developing an allergy to that food. This can be anxiety-producing for families. We offer early food introduction to infants under close observation by an allergist to ensure safety. 

Food Allergy Treatment

Oral immunotherapy (OIT) is used to desensitize patients to their food allergies to increase safety and improve quality of life. Research has proven OIT to be safe and approximately 85% effective when under the care of a board-certified allergist. We offer OIT for single and multiple allergies for adults and children as young as 1 year. OIT with Xolair is also available to our patients over 4 years old. Learn more about oral immunotherapy in our FAQs for Families.

Long-Term Food Allergy Care

We recognize that food allergy can be unpredictable, making regular care necessary in order to ensure the safety of our patients. Food allergy research is evolving at a rapid pace and consistent care allows us to keep patients informed of new options as they become available. We offer long-term care for those who are clinical trial graduates, have been treated with OIT, and those who are simply looking to assess their current food allergy status and options on a regular basis.

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