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From Our Patients

It was beyond amazing for us to meet you all yesterday!!! I’ve never felt so excited and so at ease about our future!! I keep pinching myself. You were all so incredible and patient. It was perfect. We are so thankful. Henry is really excited for Wednesday and so proud of himself!! You were right. He feels so empowered. We are overjoyed and so confident in the treatment. Just feel so blessed and lucky. What a fantastic team!!!!! Dream team really. I could go on and on.”

Mom of Henry, 7 year old patient

Hi Kim, thank you it was a fantastic experience. You made Ben so comfortable there and he was absolutely thrilled to return home able to eat hummus again. The space looks beautiful. The staff is so warm and experienced — really inspired confidence.”

Mom of Ben, 10 year old patient

I just want to tell you what an amazing team you have. The more I learned about everyone the more I’m convinced that this is the most promising way forward. There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the incredible day we had with all of you. I told Kim she’s going to need bigger offices. THANK YOU.”

Mom of Colby, 14 year old patient

Your clinical team is fantastic. Great at both the science and the patient care, which as you know is a tough combination for many. While we as parents make the ultimate decisions for when/how our child proceeds with OIT, hearing Brody tell us 45 minutes in that he “really thinks he likes this place” and hearing him say on the plane ride home that he’s “sad we don’t get to come back again sooner” really means your team is special.”

Dad of Brody, 8 year old patient

My treatments have given me more confidence to try and eat new foods. I’ve been waiting my whole life for this. It’s an awesome feeling!”

Alton, 14 year old patient

Thank you so much for taking the timeout to speak with me. I very much appreciate it. It’s reassuring to speak with someone who *gets it* on a personal level.”

Mom of young daughter with food allergy