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The Latitude Experience

Our path to Latitude Food Allergy Care began with my personal mission to protect my daughter, Tessa Grosso, from her nearly fatal food allergies.

In 2009, I was fortunate to cross paths with Dr. Kari Nadeau. When I asked her “what can you do to help my daughter and all the kids suffering from multiple food allergies?,” she responded “I don’t know… but I promise I will figure it out!” From that moment, we teamed up and set out on a mission together to create what is now known as the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy & Asthma Research at Stanford University…and ultimately, in 2018 we co-founded Latitude Food Allergy Care.

Tessa was the first patient to be successfully treated for multiple allergens simultaneously with oral immunotherapy (OIT) in a ground-breaking clinical trial at Stanford. Her success, along with so many others, has helped show the world how life-altering these treatments can be.

Through my journey over the past 10 years, I have had the opportunity to meet families like mine from around the country, all of whom have been desperate to find a way to help their children. Each family’s story has been so inspiring, deepening my commitment — and the entire Latitude team’s mission — to help as many people as possible find their path to a better safer life. I have been so fortunate to build incredible friendships and relationships in the food allergy community and have had the pleasure of watching children and their families transform in front of my eyes. Witnessing the first worry-free ice cream cone or receiving pictures of children participating in daily activities they once were unable to do, is an absolute gift!

This has paved the way for hundreds of families to unlock a new future…a future that we believe all families living with food allergies should have access to. This is why we’ve created Latitude.

I am incredibly grateful to work alongside a founding team, who bring their own personal connections and deep experiences in treating children with food allergies, to create a unique patient experience. We have joined forces with world renowned researchers, clinicians, professionals and advisors who contribute their strong expertise in patient care, healthcare services and operations to Latitude.

We are also very proud of our strategic alliance with UCSF in the San Francisco Bay Area and Weill-Cornell in New York City. We appreciate that both world-class networks recognize the significance of the unmet need for exceptional food allergy care and are grateful that they’ve chosen to partner with Latitude to address it.

Together, we are committed to changing the lives of families living with food allergies by providing exceptional personalized care from diagnosis to life saving treatments and long-term support.

I can’t wait to hear your stories, see your pictures, and help you live the life you want to live!

Kimberley Yates
Founder & CEO

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