Christine Royer


portrait of Christy Royer MD

Dr. Christine Royer is a board-certified allergist and immunologist. Impacted by lifelong allergies herself, she is passionate about helping people improve the quality of their lives through an innovative and evidenced-based approach to care. Dr. Royer has a focused interest in the expanding world of food allergy diagnosis and treatment, and looks forward to helping all of her patients live healthy, happy lives. She is a graduate of the Cleveland Clinic’s Fellowship in Allergy/Clinical Immunology. She attended Medical School at George Washington University School of Medicine prior to completing her Internal Medicine training at Johns Hopkins University. Most recently, Dr. Royer treated allergy patients of all ages at FamilyCare Allergy and Asthma in Northern California. Dr. Royer speaks Spanish fluently. She enjoys traveling the world with her husband and young daughter and savors culinary delights prepared by her husband, a professional trained chef.

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