Dave Clark

CEO Worldwide Consumer, Amazon

Black and white portrait of Dave Clark

Dave Clark is responsible for Amazon’s global supply chain and logistics operation, which today comprises over 230,000 employees operating in over 700 fulfillment centers, transportation centers, and customer service centers, across 16 countries. In addition to this global network of employees and physical infrastructure, Dave and his multiple teams manage the sophisticated technology that is at the heart of Amazon’s worldwide operations, such as Amazon Robotics. Dave also oversees Amazon’s transportation and delivery services, such as Prime Now, as well as its sustainability programs, and product and social compliance.

Prior to his current role, Dave held a number of key positions at Amazon since starting with the company in 1999, including Fulfillment Center General Manager, Regional Director of Fulfillment Operations, and Vice President of North America Operations.

Dave graduated with an MBA focused on Logistics and Transportation from the University of Tennessee, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education from Auburn University. As a food allergy parent, Dave is passionate about improving healthcare for food allergic families.

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