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Avoidance is no longer the only answer when a food allergy is diagnosed. You now have the option to take control of food allergies with treatment options like oral immunotherapy (OIT), which can protect against accidental exposures to food allergens, and may improve quality of life. Research has proven OIT to not only be safe but also 92% of Latitude OIT patients successfully achieve desensitization. We offer OIT for single and multiple allergies for adults and children as young as 12 months old. OIT with Xolair is also available to some patients.

The Palforzia protocol begins with a very small initial dose. Each dose is mixed with food such as applesauce or pudding. If these doses are tolerated, your child can continue on to the next step in a series of updoses that typically last 6 months. The updose visits occur every two weeks. To maintain this level of protection to peanut, your child will need to continue taking Palforzia every day — called the maintenance dose. Please see our FAQs for more questions on OIT or call us to learn more about Palforzia for children ages 4 through 17 years old.

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