October 8, 2020

Dr. Kari Nadeau’s new book is a must read for anyone with known or suspected food allergies

The End of Food Allergy is a must read for anyone with known or suspected food allergies. Kari Nadeau, MD, PhD, Latitude co-founder, Chair of the Department of Environmental Health at Harvard School of Public Health and John Rock Professor of Climate and Population Studies, and founding executive director of the Sean N. Parker Center for Allergy and Asthma Research at Stanford University, alongside food allergy parent Sloan Barnett, offer readers an approachable guide to the science behind food allergies and the life changing treatment options that are now available.

Dr. Kari Nadeau's book
The End of Food Allergy by Dr. Kari Nadeau and Sloan Barnett

For those who are seeking answers or looking for help with their own or their child’s food allergies, this book goes deep into the research helping us understand the immune system and the allergic response while providing hope for families suffering from food allergies through an in-depth discussion of oral immunotherapy

As Dr. Nadeau highlights her oral immunotherapy research, she also weaves Latitude founder and CEO, Kimberley Yates’ personal story and their collaboration to create the research center at Stanford throughout the book. Kimberley’s daughter, Tessa Grosso is also highlighted as the first patient to be successfully treated and desensitized to multiple allergens simultaneously in the first-ever multi-allergen oral immunotherapy clinical study. Read more about Tessa’s journey and ongoing advocacy in her own words

Kimberley Yates and Dr. Kari Nadeau, during a fundraising event for food allergy research at Stanford
Dr. Kari Nadeau and Kimberley Yates at a fundraising event for Stanford in 2012

In addition to Tessa’s patient story, Dr. Nadeau highlights Andy Hartman and his transformative clinical trial experience where he was treated for multiple food allergies. Due to their personal experience, Andy’s parents Alan and Kim Hartman work tirelessly on behalf of the food allergy community. As a Latitude Board member, Alan has been very instrumental in the creation of Latitude — ensuring that all families will have access to the care that their son Andy had. Alan and Kim Hartman also chair FARE‘s Board of Governors.

Dr. Kari Nadeau and Tessa Grosso in February 2020

We congratulate Dr. Kari Nadeau on yet another incredible accomplishment and are forever grateful for her partnership as we created and opened the Latitude doors in 2018. We thank her for the impact she has had on our own families and the food allergy community around the world.

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