Food Allergy Doctors Near Novato

Our San Rafael food allergy clinic near Novato has expert allergists who focus 100% of food allergy testing and treatment. We have helped thousands of families like yours, with a 92% patient success rate with oral immunotherapy (OIT).


15 minutes from Novato

4000 Civic Center Dr, Suite 300
San Rafael, CA 94903


phone (415) 569-7369
fax (650) 466-6219
[email protected]


San Rafael Food Allergy Clinic Hours

  • Monday through Friday 
    8:30 am – 5:30 pm
  • In office appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    Visits by appointment only


Our patients love us:

Food Allergy Services

Why Latitude?

  • Immediate access for appointments including food allergy testing
  • Our pediatric food allergists can provide you with fast answers and actionable next steps
  • 92% of Latitude’s OIT patients have achieved desensitization to their food allergies

Serving Our Local Communities

We are proud to help patients throughout our community, including food allergic students at schools throughout the Novato Unified School District. We can help patients of all ages understand and take control of food allergies.

Our patients love us:

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